Open classroom doors



I drive the same road every morning
To my end again
But nobody ever wanted to see my there
And I lose control about myself


I’m tired of living in fear
Hate it to say hello every morning
And I fake a smile again
But this is a warning
I’m going to end this


Nobody heard me screaming
Now you’ll see my cry

It’s to late to forgive my hate

Its to late to fake a  smile again
Its to late to say sorry
to late to look away


in my dreams you’re running around
through the hallways with fear
I’ll make my dreams come true
I’ll destroy you


Goodbye, I’ll open the doors
And put the gun out of my bag (the I’ll run)
I’ll kill the silence
I’ll kill the voices in my head…
You are all dead


© Marie-L. (FrostBite)
13.10.07 22:20

Lies sharp like a razor


There is nothing left to say

I will run away today
And when you see what I’ve become
Your life will feel so wrong


You burned out my life
You ripped out all these lies with your knife
You healed the wounds I never had
You are the silent voice in my head.


And I feel so dead.


© FrostBite (ML)
13.10.07 22:17



Durch den Tunnel in die Dunkelheit
Vielleicht ist es nicht mehr soweit
Ich habe nur noch Hunger nach Blut
Nur dein Blut tut mir noch gut


Die sonne geht auf.
Sie reißt die Haut von meinen Knochen.
Ich brenne, doch das nehm’ ich in kauf.
Vielleicht warte ich schon seit Wochen.


Vielleicht schaffen wir es zu zweit
Durch die beißende Dunkelheit
Das Ende ist nicht mehr weit
Doch ich bin noch nicht soweit.
© FrostBite (Marie)
13.10.07 22:16



Someone is screaming

Am I still dreaming?
There’s no sun outside
And I cant find a place to hide


Someone is screaming
Is wish that  this is just a dream
Its cold in here
Where are you my dear?
Someone is screaming…


I cant breathe
My heart is half asleep
I can feel your fear
And I’m not in your near


I am bleeding


Am I just dreaming?


I am screaming


© FrostBite


13.10.07 22:15


bullets and blood


the bullets in my heart don’t make me feel complete
will this nightmare ever end?
The scar called memory still bleeds
This is what I need

I miss you, my friend…









13.10.07 22:14



In my dreams I hear your voice

I’ve got no choice to let you know

To let you know I miss you so

What can I do to be with you?


13.10.07 22:12


   ...with roses in my bed, with blood on my hands...

This  wiLL be the end... You'll never be my friend...   (c)  mL  

13.10.07 22:11

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