Open classroom doors



I drive the same road every morning
To my end again
But nobody ever wanted to see my there
And I lose control about myself


I’m tired of living in fear
Hate it to say hello every morning
And I fake a smile again
But this is a warning
I’m going to end this


Nobody heard me screaming
Now you’ll see my cry

It’s to late to forgive my hate

Its to late to fake a  smile again
Its to late to say sorry
to late to look away


in my dreams you’re running around
through the hallways with fear
I’ll make my dreams come true
I’ll destroy you


Goodbye, I’ll open the doors
And put the gun out of my bag (the I’ll run)
I’ll kill the silence
I’ll kill the voices in my head…
You are all dead


© Marie-L. (FrostBite)
13.10.07 22:20

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